Presenting our movie selection for the month of September:

Films will be screened twice a week at our centres in Churchgate and Santacruz.
▶ Every Monday, 6 PM: Churchgate Centre
▶ Every Saturday, 4.30 PM: Santacruz Centre

Limited seats | Entry strictly on a first-come first-serve basis
Open to students & members of AF Bombay only


By Pierre Salvadori

Santacruz Centre: 2 Sept, 4.30 pm
Churchgate Centre: 4 Sept, 6.00 pm

In a beautiful village in Corsica, five young schoolmates face a dilemma: what to do about a local factory polluting their favourite river? Desperate times call for desperate measures and they decide to take radical direct action. But things don’t go along as planned…

Paul Belhoste, Mathys Clodion-Gines, Laurent Capelluto

Genre: Adventure, Comedy

106 mins

By Frédéric Farrucci

Santacruz Centre: 9 Sept, 4.30 pm
Churchgate Centre: 11 Sept, 6.00 pm

Jin, an undocumented immigrant, drives a VTC every night for the Chinese mafia. One night, Noémie, a stripper and call girl, gets into his taxi. Intrigued, she decides to make him her official driver. As nights go by, a beautiful but dangerous love story develops between them.

Cast: Camélia Jordana, Guang Huo

Genre: Drama, Thriller

95 mins

By Édouard Deluc

Santacruz Centre: 16 Sept, 4.30 pm
Churchgate Centre: 18 Sept, 6.00 pm

Deep in the Pyrenées, two friends at rock bottom have the idea of the century. To pull themselves out of their misery, they decide to launch a horse trekking tour, for tourists in search of nature, silence and adventure, through the mountains.

Cast: Pio Marmaï, Philippe Rebbot, Camille Chamoux

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 96 mins

By Blandine Lenoir

Santacruz Centre: 23 Sept, 4.30 pm
Churchgate Centre: 25 Sept, 6.00 pm

Annie, a working mother of two children, becomes pregnant in the 1970s. Deciding not to keep the child, she becomes involved with the MLAC, a movement that performs free, safe and illegal abortions. She encounters allies and opponents along the way, bringing new meaning to her life.

Cast: Laure Calamy, Zita Hanrot, India Hair

Genre: Drama

Duration: 119 mins