HENRI HENRI by Martin Talbot (99′)

henri henri

Orphaned and forgotten by all, shy and unassuming Henri has created the perfect job to suit his unique talent. He maintains the lamps and light fittings at the convent he has called home for his entire life. When he is forced to leave the protective walls of the institution, he is suddenly thrown into a foreign environment and the real world quickly overwhelms him. While he dedicates himself to bringing light into the lives of others, his great sadness is that he remains unable to step out of the shadows. Armed only with his innocence and sincerity, he will try to help his kindred spirits, the lonely and the isolated, out of obscurity, so that he too may finally be seen in the eyes of the world. Above all, he will try to rekindle the flame in the heart of his secret love, Hélène, who has been living in darkness for so long.


In partnership with Institut Français