Je viens de loin, j’écris en français is a series of rencontres started in 2017 by Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France which focuses on foreign auteurs who have chosen French as their language of expression. The current edition marks the first time that the event will be conducted live online.

The invitee for this edition, Shumona Sinha, was born in Kolkata and was awarded the Prix du rayonnement de la langue française in 2014 by the Académie française for her third novel.

Some of the past editions of Je viens de loin, j’écris en français can be found on this link.

Free and Open to Everyone | Discussion in French (Minimum B1 Level Proficiency) |
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In partnership with the network of Alliances Françaises in India, Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France, Institut Français, and the French Institute in India