From classical music to flamenco, Serge Lopez, Nathalie Marin and Shezheen Cassum

IMG_8247The trio will combine flamenco dance, Andalousian melodies and classical music to enthrall you during a 45 minute performance. Serge Lopez, with his flamenco guitar will recreate the sensual music of Debussy, Ravel and Satie. He will also interpret compositions from his own repertoire, inspired by jazz and flamenco, accompanied on the piano by Nathalie Marin. Shezheen Cassum, Mumbai‐based Flamenco dancer, will join them on stage to interpret the music through a dance performance. She has travelled extensively to Spain to train under various maestros of Flamenco. She is one of the few professional Flamenco dancers based in India.

Serge Lopez and Nathalie Marin met during a concert by the Symphony Orchestra of Cannes and together they  perform in Albania, Ecuador, Cuba, France…


In partnership with Kala Ghoda festival and Furtados