This workshop will explore the inner child, as playing is an important part of devising and performing Clown. It will attempt to understand humour and innocence and their relationship on stage. The workshop will explore the idea of living in the moment and the role of the audience in the life of a Clown. There shall be madness, but there is a method to the madness. Fun, after all, is a serious business!


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In partnership with The Drama School Mumbai

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Tanvee Ravi is an alumnus of The Drama School, Mumbai. She began working as a Theatre maker in 2011 and has worked with Judith Bidappa and free lanced for many Productions for over two years in Bangalore. Of these, the plays Pizza Man for Green Fairy Productions and Sketches for Centerstage, were performed at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore. She has also been a part of several acting and Theatre workshops which include the acting and playwriting workshop by Alex Broun, a leading playwright of 10 minute Theatre, and the Centerstage’s acting workshop.

At The Drama School, Mumbai she has had the opportunity to work with many eminent Theatre Makers among them Yuki Ellias, Deepal Doshi, Prabhath Bhaskaran, Sankar Venkateswaran, and Geetanjali Kulkarni. She was also part of the student production that toured in various cities across India in early 2014.

In an internship with Atul Kumar, she discovered Clowning. Thereafter she has done Clowning workshops with Ashwath Bhatt and Rupesh Tillu. She has also been a part of The International Clown Workshop by Michael Moritz. As part of her final project for The Drama School, Mumbai she created a clown piece that she performed for the 1-minute Theatre Festival in Bangalore last year. Tanvee has also worked with Sophia Stepf on a production that is a collaboration between Max Mueller Bhavan and Theatre Professionals early this year.

Tanvee is an Inlaks Theatre Awardee and is currently studying and performing Clown, mentored by Atul Kumar.