Discover the true potential of your smile !

Your smile can open a million doors for you, be it your career, relationships or your own perception of you-a stunning smile can make you feel confident enough to take on the world.

Smile Essentials, a centre specializing in pain free dentistry, in association with Alliance Française brings to you a workshop that unlocks the true potential of your smile through a combination of DIY (Do It Yourself) techniques to enhance your smile.

This session aims to explain why some people look really attractive when they smile and others may not. The smile is a dynamic multifunctional component which should be customized to your unique face and personality.


The workshop will include:Smile Essentials

  • Smile analysis -rating your smile
  • Making of a perfect smile -at home
  • Facial and lip exercises
  • Grooming and makeup
  • Smiling for the camera -get selfie ready!
  • Instant digital smile makeovers at the end of the workshop.

If you have ever had second thoughts about smiling or don’t like the way your pictures look this workshop is for you!


Free participation | Registration required at [email protected]

In partnership with Smile Essentials