Recycle is a lifestyle, not only a style statement. Join in this workshop by the Change Makers of Dharavi Diary and learn recycling, upcycling and crafts through discussion and a Do It Yourself session using recycled material !

Free participation | Registration required at [email protected]

In partnership with Dharavi Diary

Recycle design 2


Dharavi Diary is a Slum Innovation Project where stories and technology is used to make ChangeMakers from slum community.

A Slum Innovation Project is a storytelling, digital literacy and mobile application entrepreneurship initiative for slum community to build leadership and tech skills in Kids and women to become Change Makers of their community. It has created a tech design lab where kids and women from Dharavi community meet to learn, unlearn and create using STEM education, design thinking methodology and mobile application technology to solve their community problems. This will lead them realize their full potential. They will start participating in decision making of their families and communities. They will have better job opportunities, independence, self worth and self esteem.

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