Cinema is usually considered as a form used for communicating a story that is “well told.” This approach to cinema, based on representation, has substantial relevance. However, what is often ignored is a direct engagement with the moving image.

The moving image can be thought of as an operation performed on an idea that corresponds to a cinematic aesthetic that ‘works.’ In other words, it captures a unique quality of attention that reflects the inner state of the spectator, instead of the exterior that representational cinema emphasizes.

Devdutt Trivedi will present two sessions of 2 hours each, on engaging with the moving image . One of the sessions will consist of clips across cinema to create a dialogue on cinema with what the spectator is watching and what the filmmaker is doing. The second session will be dedicated to discussing a similar approach with Indian cinema.

| 2 sessions |

Fri. 17th, 6pm – 7.30 pm, Alliance Française Auditorium

Fri. 24th, 6pm – 7.30 pm, Alliance Française Auditorium

Free participation

Engaging with image July