MONSOON PROJECT – The interaction of French &
Indian Cinema by Jeff Goldberg

Fri. 29th, 6.30pm @ Alliance Française Auditorium. FREE

The Interaction of French & Indian Cinema:

In the 1960’s French cinema’s ‘Nouvelle Vague’ set the world ablaze with its cutting edge filmmakers that delivered the world a series of films that broke the rules and in many cases reinvented them. Today, Indian independent cinema is doing much the same with a ‘new wave’ of filmmakers racking up film festival awards all over the world. Join us for a look at how this interesting interaction of two of the world’s great cinema industries is happening here and now.

Your host, Jeff Goldberg, runs the only full devoted method acting studio in Mumbai, The Jeff Goldberg Studio. He has taught acting and filmmaking all over the world, from Paris to New York and now India. He is also an accomplished director of both film and theatre.



In partnership with Jeff Goldberg Studio