Liberty Taken takes place in different spaces of Bombay. In its first iteration, this year the festival occupies Osianama at Liberty Cinema (Liberty Taken), Clark House and Sir JJ School of Art (Liberty Taken Apart), and different private and public spaces of the city, through ephemeral and unexpected situations and micro-events (Liberty Taken by Surprise).

It is a Clark House project in association with the Institut Français, Osianama at Liberty, Sir JJ School of Art, & Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam. Supported by the Kadist Art Foundation, Paris. The Project is a collaboration where Osianama at Liberty opens its space to interventions that are demonstrative towards engaging a young audience of artists and students towards cinema, creating a critical enagagement between cinema and the visual arts. Sir JJ School of Art, notably the Printmaking and Sculpture departments enter into dialogue with the artist Aurelien Mole and their students on conceptual sculptural practices. The publication is supported by the Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam as part of the Kamrado project, which travels to the city and further on to the India Art Fair in 2016. Kadist Art Foundation, Paris is the author with Clark House of the exhibition format, structured on artist travel. Insitut Français is the primary sponsor and facilitator of the project.


Aurelien Froment extends his occupation at Liberty Cinema which was conceived as a solo project of various screenings into a multi-screening program with various artists including a retrospective he curates of the Chilean film-maker Raul Ruiz.  Froment worked in a cinema as a projectionist for more than a decade and it is his effort to explore the cinema theatre in the history of exhibition making.  Aurelien Mole at the Sir JJ School of Art in conversation with the students of the Sculpture and Printmaking department begins to dwell in the dilemma between the craft and the conceptual and their associations with the idea of the object through the model of a workshop that then culminates in a solo project at Clark House and the Sir JJ School of Art which also is a group exhibition in its essence and contribution.  Both reflect the ideology of collaboration and its element in Clark House’s exhibition history and constitution as an idea of Liberty.

Clark House Initiative is a curatorial collaborative and a union of artists concerned with ideas of freedom.