Tribute to Alain Resnais – Resnais in Mumbai

Considered as a figurehead of French Cinema, Alain Resnais was a French film director whose career extended over more than six decades. He began making feature films in the late 1950s and consolidated his early reputation with Hiroshima mon amour (1959).  The movie is perceived as a pivotal work in French Cinema due to its boldness, its modernity and the storyline. In later films, Resnais moved away from overtly political topics of some previous works and developed  his interests in an interaction between cinema and other cultural forms, including theatre (Mélo), music, (On connaît la chanson) and comic books (I want to go home). His films frequently explored the relationship between consciousness, memory, and the imagination. Throughout his career, he won many awards from international film festivals and academies. Alain Resnais bid farewell to this world in March 2014 leaving behind a rich cultural legacy. AFB will be paying tribute to Alain Resnais, by screening some of his movies. There will be a presentation by Rafique Baghadi, well-known film critic and feature writer in India, before the screening. Rafique Baghadi won the 54th National Award for the best film critic in 2006, he is Member of Fipresci (International Federation of Film Critic) and Conveyor of Press Club film study Group.

stavisky3Introduction by Rafique Baghdadi

Stavisky , by Alain Resnais (115’)

 Irresistible charm and talent helps Serge Alexandre alias Stavisky, a small-time swindler, to make friends with even the most influential members of French industrial and political elite during the early 30s. But nothing lasts forever and when his great scam involving hundreds of millions of francs gets exposed, the result is an unprecedented scandal that almost caused a civil war.

In partnership with Institut Français in India and the Press-club Mumbai