Presenting our movie selection for the month of May:

Films will be screened TWICE A WEEK at our centres in Churchgate and Santacruz.
▶ Every Monday, 6 PM: Churchgate Centre
▶ Every Saturday, 4.30 PM: Santacruz Centre

Limited seats | Entry strictly on a first-come first-serve basis
Open to students & members of AF Bombay only

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By Michel Leclerc

Marcia, a young singer, records an album with Daredjane, a rock icon of the 70’s who accidentally dies, before the album releases. Marcia faces difficulties in getting approval from Daredjane’s right-holder Anthony, who never liked his distant relative, let alone her music. Their two worlds clash, until love gets in the way.

Félix Moati, Rebecca Marder, Judith Chemla, Philippe Rebbot

110 mins

Date & Timing:
Santacruz Centre: 6 May, 4.30 pm
Churchagte Centre: 8 May, 6.00 pm

PRESQUE (2020)
By Bernard Campan

Louis, a 58-year-old bachelor and funeral director, crosses paths with Igor, a 40-year-old man with cerebral palsy. The pair embark on a road trip in a hearse, through the south of France, where they discover they aren’t so different.

Bernard Campan, Alexandre Jollien, Tiphaine Daviot, Julie Anne-Roth

92 mins

Date & Timing:
Santacruz Centre: 13 May, 4.30 pm
Churchagte Centre: 15 May, 6.00 pm

GOLIATH (2021)
By Frédéric Tellier

The paths of France, a sports teacher and activist; Patrick, a Parisian lawyer and Mathias, a brilliant lobbyist collide when a terrible investigation into GMOs and pesticides sparks a powerful movement while corporations fight to prevent the truth from getting out.

Pierre Niney, Laurent Stocker, Emmanuelle Bercot, Gilles Lellouche, Yannick Renier

120 mins

Date & Timing:
Santacruz Centre: 20 May, 4.30 pm
Churchagte Centre: 22 May, 6.00 pm

ROBUSTE (2022)
By Constance Meyer

When his right-hand man and only friend has to go away for a few weeks, Georges, an aging film star, is given a substitute — Aïssa. The disillusioned actor and the young female security guard forge a special relationship.

Gérard Depardieu, Deborah Lukumuena, Lucas Mortier

92 mins

Date & Timing:
Santacruz Centre: 27 May, 4.30 pm
Churchagte Centre: 29 May, 6.00 pm

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