Director Nadia ZouaouiNadia’s Journey – The complex reality of arranged marriages

The Algerian and Canadian journalist Nadia Zouaoui will present a documentary based on her own life: she was forced by her parents into an arranged marriage with an Algerian living in Montreal when she was 19 years old. After 18 years away, Nadia goes back to Kabylia, Algeria, to see if things have changed in her native land. There, she travels behind the tourist facade and into the complex reality of women held captive in their own homes from puberty onwards, a tragic custom many men feel powerless to change.

Nadia Zouaoui now works for the French and the English CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), for the NFB (National Film Board of Canada) and for the Aljazeera Documentary Film Channel. Her mission and passion is to work in a journalism of humanism and to produce documentaries that help break down the barriers and biases caused by misinformation and to build bridges between cultures while encouraging dialogue and a better understanding among people of different backgrounds.

The film screening will be followed by an interaction moderated by Jeroo Mulla, former Head of the Department of the Social Communications Media department at the Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, and currently on the Advisory Board of Women in Film and Television (WIFT).


In partnership with Avid Learning, TimeOut Mumbai and Consulate General of Canada, Mumbai