FILM FESTIVAL | Travelling to Cannes: Short films from Mumbai

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Alliance Française de Bombay presents a selection of short films which made their way to one of the most prestigious film festivals in 2016.

Through 4 thematic evenings, film directors will be invited to present and discuss their films after the screening.

Free entry | Screenings followed by discussion with film directors

Being young in India: desire for a change?

This evening will focus on films related to the way of life of young Indians, their hopes, their expectations for change…

Moderator for this evening: Sameer Mody, Managing Director of “Pocket Films”

Garbage by Anand Prakash (14′)


An emotionally numb garbage collector gets increasingly infatuated by a troubled actress who has moved into the apartment building where he works. Meanwhile a poor slum kid’s desire to eat pizza takes him to Domino’s Pizza restaurant where he is noticed by a Film Star he admires.




 Extra Time by Ramkrishna Karande (14′)


A helpless tribal girl comes to the City with a goal to complete her Education. In adverse conditions, she decides to accept prostitution as her profession, as she wants to complete her Education at any cost. Finally she becomes a Government Officer, an Idol for many aspirants.

 Ankahee Baatein by Manav Bhinder (18′)


One night, a divorced couple coincidently meet each other at one of their common friends place to help her, and end up having a conversation which they never had before.

The Garland by Kaushik Roy (25′) | Film re- scheduled  on Wed. 7th, 6.30pm