FILM FESTIVAL | Travelling to Cannes: Short films from Mumbai

poster short fims from mumbai-page-001Alliance Française de Bombay presents a selection of short films which made their way to one of the most prestigious film festivals in 2016.

Through 4 thematic evenings, film directors will be invited to present and discuss their films after the screening.

Free entry | Screenings followed by discussion with film directors

Life through virtual realities

Changing our perception of life, of parenthood and of relationship, the new technologies are definitly questioning our way of life. This evening, the films will focus on the impact of new technologies and social media on our daily lives.

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Moderator for this evening:

Andrew T. Mackayis, composer and producer



Child’s Play by Sandeep Kamal & Keith Gomes (8′)

Rudra grows up on television, mobile phones and video games. Socially isolated, Rudra’s world turns into a video game. When teased by other kids, Rudra targets and attacks them as an enemy. Shocked by his actions, his parents in punishment : take away his games. This leads to an extreme consequence.



Anischit by Sudesh Balan (10′)

Based on the internet chat conversation between an anonymous boy and a girl, the film is an attempt to see her inner world. Tangled in a web of digital chaos, identity and reality has become Anischit.

Death Book 2 by Rohit Gupta & Preeti Singh (30′)


Despite reminders from Amit, Johar keeps using social media which caused major accident of his friends in past . Johar is now himself facing the accident causing death to Amit, now he is facing supernatural or Schizophrenia and kills his own parents.