FILM FESTIVAL | Travelling to Cannes: Short films from Mumbai

poster short fims from mumbai-page-001Alliance Française de Bombay presents a selection of short films which made their way to one of the most prestigious film festivals in 2016.

Through 4 thematic evenings, film directors will be invited to present and discuss their films after the screening.

Free entry | Screenings followed by discussion with film directors


Empowerment and equality: a daily fight

How to live with physical or social disabilities? How to fight to overcome them? 5 short films will give you a glimpse of these realities.

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Moderator for this evening:

Jeroo Mulla, a renowned Cinematography professor

The Silent Statue by Lal Vijay Shahdeo (15′)


A30-year-old mute orphan, VASU, is desperate to be with a man after seeing him bathing in a pond. She sells everything she has, and even sacrifices the man’s dog to cast a spell on him. She stands in front of him with the dog’s ashes smeared on her naked body hoping to finally ensnare him but life plays a trick!







 Gulzar by Jayesh Pillai (15′)


On a road trip, siblings Isha and Akash encounter a homeless street dweller who might be their long lost friend. Trying to get him back home, they learn more about his dark past and why his home might not be where he belongs.







Kathputli by Rajat Agrawal (3′)

While India develops at a rapid rate, its citizens tend to stay rooted to their age old beliefs. Kathputli depicts the patriarchal aspect of India by presenting the situation of a woman post her marriage, where the value of her existence eventually stoops to that of a mere puppet.


Shutter by Amrut Satavalekar (35′)

Shutter is a story about an amateur but passionate photographer. He stumbles across Komal, who is his entry into the art of photography. However, due to her low self-confidence, she refuses. The film details these characters as they discover themselves and their anxious want to fit into life.

 Crescendo by Pranav Adarsh ( 11′)

A deaf innocent man must alter his life completely after the Bombay Riots of 1992 rob him of his livelihood and almost cost him his only family, his sister. The incident brings him to a psychotic break, where he learns the power of rage.