FILM FESTIVAL | Travelling to Cannes: Short films from Mumbai

poster short fims from mumbai-page-001Alliance Française de Bombay presents a selection of short films which made their way to one of the most prestigious film festivals in 2016.

Through 4 thematic evenings, film directors will be invited to present and discuss their films after the screening.

Free entry | Screenings followed by discussion with film directors


People of India: slices of lives

Through the stories of singular men and women, these 3 short films will focus on Indian issues from fight for Independence to
contemporary challenges facing Indian society.

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Moderator for this evening:

Sophy V Sivaraman,  Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Indian Documentary Foundation

Dom by Preeti Singhs (12′)


This story is about a young boy who belongs to an untouchable community of India, known as Doms! Film revolves around his life, how to sustain a religion blief, we are pushing him into this dirty job.





Safed Kabootar by Arnab Mishra (14′)

India 1931, the story of a Freedom Fighter who was carrying some important documents to the eastern headquarters, but after getting injured, he accidentally visits his house which he hasn’t for past 2 years. This unleash many secrets about his wife, organisational activities and their daughter.

The Garland by Kaushik Roy (25′)

Mala loves cinema and wants to become a filmmaker. However, her traditional family insists that she first gets married. Just when her “arranged” marriage date is fixed, she decides to lie at home to attend a Film Festival in Mumbai, only to discover a new world awaiting the modern Indian woman.
CANCELED  | Son of Kali by Amit Agarwal (16′)






CANCELED |  An Untold Story Of Paperboats by Amit Khanna (22′)