Exhibition Wave: How Collective Ingenuity Is Changing The World

At a time when the entire planet is facing tremendous economic, social and environmental challenges, a multitude of initiatives from around the world prove that solutions exist for doing more with less. The common ingredient in all this creative ferment? Collective ingenuity. Being flexible, keeping it simple, seizing opportunities, thinking differently: in an unstable world, the ingenious innovator develops a state of mind that’s agile enough to turn obstacles into opportunities.

We live on a small planet where everything is interdependent. This is not a time for divisions, but for concerted action: citizens, associations, NGOs, local authorities, and companies both large and small are implementing new ideas for a better world. Driven by the digital revolution, most of these initiatives rely on social media. Some of them fall within the commercial sphere, others do not. But all of them demonstrate new ways of innovating together, differently. A wave of collective ingenuity is sweeping across the world. Drawing on a wide range of concrete examples, the WAVE exhibition explores the major currents on every continent: co-creation, the sharing economy, the maker movement, the inclusive economy, and the circular economy. These examples feature people from all walks of life who share a positive vision of the world of tomorrow.

Collective ingenuity, this capacity that individuals have for finding simple and effective solutions, together, for doing more with less is at that heart of the WAVE project.  The exhibition draws on and presents 5 currents, illustrated by Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’image. These 5 currents are: (1) Inclusive Economy (2) Maker Movement (3) Co creation (4) Sharing Economy (5) Circular Economy.

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