Wall storiesWives and wives by Pramod Pati (35’)

A piece of vintage animation nation building advice from the 1960s. In this Films Division film from the cult director PramodPati, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek cartoon about a young man who goes to a marriage bureau to find the right kind of wife that will help in creating a model family!

Wall Stories by Shashwati Talukdar (40′)

‘Wall Stories’ is a pictorial journey through the Garhwal region in the Western Himalayas. It tells the fascinating story of the history and culture of its people through mural paintings found in the area, and the daily life that is lived around them. ‘Wall Stories’ uses imaginary conversations, treats the subject of the paintings as living subjects and plays with its subject matter to explore the space and meaning created in the everyday lives of the people who encounter these paintings.

True love story  by GitanjaliRao (19′)

From the director of The Printed Rainbow comes a film set in the streets of Bombay. True Love Story  is an animated film about what happens when the Ultimate Bollywood Fantasy is applied in reality.
Where does Salim, a 17 year old orphan who left his village at the age of eight to make a living in the streets of Bombay, learn to woo a woman? Who teaches him and many other youths growing up on the streets, how ‘boy meets girl’?


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