moi marjaniMoi Marjani, by Anubhuti Kashyap (18’)                                        Love comes calling in Patiala. Mona is single mom in small-town India, who decides to take a risk with online-love. And though distance makes the heart fonder, what happens when a fling on the internet turns up at your doorstep? And especially if the timing doesn’t seem exactly fortunate?!

Hakim Tartoosi’s Potency oil, by Sarnath Banerjee (21’)           An uninhibited caricature of middle-class sexual anxieties, Hakim Tartoosi’s Potency Oil is full of playful irreverence. Chintu, apprehensive of his masculinity, enlists the help of Hakim Tartoosi whose magical potion is expected to alleviate his sexual miseries. Endearing characters take one on a joyful ride through the world of macho men, adult videos and mysterious elixirs.

Most eligible bachelorby Deepti Ahuja ( 31’)                               All around us, and within us too, there is talk about gender. And women today, irrespective of their class and culture, are trying to find ways to better their individual life, irrespective opposition and complication. But, in this fight for equality, who is the opposition really? Is it just men? In that case, what about the one who will be the man in your life ? To explore this question, the interviewer, a young Gujerati woman engaged to be married, travels into the lives of 9 Gujarati men, from different socio-economic and religious backgrounds. We journey into the stories of their trials and tribulations, secrets, sex and sexuality, pain and joy, manipulation or utter confusion, rebellion and conformity. Using an unusual style of conversations playing out over images of the city of Ahmedabad with its many lives and daily moments, the documentary reflects the inner, not always palatable workings of a society, which has finally begun to undertake the courageous journey of self-reflection.

Followed by an interaction with the film makers

In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive