RootsRoots,  by Kaoru Ikeya (118’)

Naoshi has a dream to rebuild his home after the entire community was affected by the once-in-a-millennium tsunami. It destroyed his house and killed his son who was a member of volunteer fire corps. Refusing temporary housing, he continues to live in a barn on his land. He is a lumberman. He goes to the woods nearby with his power-saw and cuts the salt affected trees to prepare lumber for his new house. He rents rice paddies from his friend for food. He sows buckwheat in the vast filled fields that the tsunami left behind. He can survive on water, fire, and blessings from nature. He believes one rebuilding effort calls for another, even if it takes ages. For him, hereditary land is the sacred place that the spirits of his ancestors and late son abide in. To build a new house is to call the scattered neighbors to come back, as well as to make a place to welcome the family spirits. His ultimate dream is to join them in the afterlife and to watch the rebirth of his home town.

In partnership with Dharamshala International Film Festival and The Root Reel