eidiVikalp will present two films on the exclusive bonds of friendship

Eidi (the gift)  by Pradipta Ray (28’)

Soumya arrives in Calcutta to reunite with his close friend Ranjita, a transgender activist. A series of upheavals let out his insecurities, and inner demons, where Soumya, struggling to come to terms with his own identity is confronted with his own convoluted notions and double standards. Will their friendship stand the test of time?

Dui Dhuranir Golpo (In-Between Days)  by Shankhajit Biswas (58′)

This is the story of Chiranjit and Bubai – two young transgender friends from Kolkata, India. Hailing from poor and uneducated families, they confronted social ostracism from a tender age. However, it helped strengthening their bond as friends. Like many other transgender boys, Chiranjit and Bubai got exposed to sexual acts in premature age. Advised by their elder community members, they started taking money for sex. In 2009, they joined Manas Bangla, a non-profit organization working in LGBT advocacy and HIV awareness. Their job is to generate consciousness amongst high risk youth and bring them in for blood tests. The job is a turning point – showing up their differences, throwing up success and failure in different ways and creating a drifting apart. Will their friendship transcend these or will life take them down two diverging paths?


In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive