Tamaash (The Puppet) Still 6Chronicles of a temple painter, by Shravan Katikaneni (52’)

A Hindu temple painter and his wife have rescued a four years old Muslim girl and taken care of her as their own daughter. But Muslim groups have been pressurizing that the child be handed over to a Muslim orphanage so she can be raised as a practicing Muslim, while the local Hindu groups are strongly opposing the idea of a Hindu family raising a Muslim girl…

Tamaash (The Puppet), by Devanshu Kumar and Satyanshu Singh (32’)

Anzar faces scorn from his elders for his poor performance in school and is constantly compared to the other school-kids. Forcefully and unreasonably expected to outscore the high-achieving Sadat in the next exam, he seeks the help of a mysterious stranger. But following his advice may have serious and unintended consequences for Anzar and his kid brother.

Followed by an interaction with the film makers.

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