We present a panel discussion on Prof. Aditi Sriram’s book Beyond the Boulevards – A Short Biography of Pondicherry. The book presents the biography of a city which weaves stories of people and events with equal dexterity. It evokes the Pondicherry that is at once obviously French and yet profoundly Indian.

Beyond the Boulevards draws fine sketches of the people who inhabit the city now and the ones who moulded it. It is there that Le Gentil, Sri Aurobindo, and M. Yuvraj – each belonging to various centuries and cultures – meet.

The panelists will include the author Prof. Aditi Sriram along with Prof. Vasumathi Badrinathan (Head, Department of French, University of Mumbai), and the French journalist Guillaume Delacroix.

Free and open to everyone | No registration needed | Discussion in English

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