Celebrated annually on April 22, Jour de la Terre or Earth Day is a global event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. To mark the occasion, join us for a series of ONLINE screenings courtesy of the initiative IFcinéma à la carte by Institut Français !

Subtitled in English | Free & Open to Everyone | No registration Needed

Note: When you play the film, the subtitles can be accessed by clicking on the round gear icon on the bottom right corner & selecting anglais under the option sous-titres

3 Feature Films & 6 Short Films available till May 10, 2021 via this link

About the Films Available for Streaming

The three feature films available for streaming till May 10, 2021 are:

  • Lamb by Yared Zeleke – the story of a young Ethiopian trying to prevent his beloved sheep from getting slaughtered (Trailer)
  • Wine Calling by Bruno Sauvard – a documentary about a new breed of winemakers on a quest for ethical & sustainable production (Trailer)
  • Histoires de la plaine by Christine Seghezzi – a human and ecological catastrophe recounted by the inhabitants of the hamlet of Colonia Hansen in the Argentinian pampas (Trailer)

The six short films available for streaming till May 10, 2021 are:

  • Graines by Hervé Freiburger – They may seem normal but something evil is lurking in the corn fields!
  • Illustration : Compostage by Élise Auffray – A stop-motion film on composting
  • Expire by Magali Magistry – In a dystopian future, a young girl tries to experience the real world despite the toxic smog covering the planet
  • La parcelle by Michaël Guerraz – A farmer plants an experimental cornfield on his farm. All seems to be going well till day he notices a strange sap oozing from an ear of corn
  • La nuit des sacs plastiques by Gabriel Harel – An animated short about plastic bags which come alive and attack a city
  • Acide by Just Philippot – Two parents desperately try to save their child against an approaching storm

Courtesy of the initiative ‘IFcinéma à la carte’ by Institut Français (Paris)