Défi Inter-Alliances is just around the corner! For the 2021 Edition, students from Alliances Françaises from over 25 countries around the world will compete in an ONLINE QUIZ IN FRENCH on different aspects of French Language & Culture.

Don’t forget to go through the information below to learn how you can participate. Exciting prizes await the winners of the national & international stages of the competition! The competition is being organised courtesy of the network of Alliances Françaises in India in partnership with the French Institute in IndiaTV5 Monde, Fondation des Alliances Françaises & Alliance Française de Rouen-Normandie


The competition will be conducted in 3 Stages:

Stage 1: Local Competition | 7 pm IST on Aug 6 (Fri): For this stage, each Alliance Française in India which is participating in Défi Inter-Alliances 2021 will organize a (local) online quiz. 2 candidates from each of these participating AFs will qualify for the National Round.

Stage 2: National Competition | 7 pm IST on Oct 1 (Fri): The local winners from different Alliances Françaises in India will compete against each other in an online quiz to select the 2 national-level winners.

Stage 3: International Competition | Nov 27 (Sat): The national winners from India will go head-to-head in a virtual competition against their international counterparts from different Alliances Françaises around the world to compete for the title of the International Champions of Défi Inter-Alliances!


BEFORE registering for the competition, please go through the following terms & conditions:

– The competition will be IN FRENCH.

– Alliance Française de Bombay will ONLY be accepting registrations from its CURRENT students. We will NOT be accepting registrations from candidates who are enrolled in any other Alliance.

– The quiz questions can be on any aspect of French Language & Francophone Cultures (Art, Gastronomy, History etc.)

– The number of seats is limited. Hence, we request you to only register if you actually intend on participating. Registration is strictly on a first-come first-serve basis.

– Only individuals are allowed to participate. No teams/groups are allowed.

– The competition is free. However, it is MANDATORY for the participant to be:

a) at least 16 years of age at the time of registering for the competition

b) currently enrolled in & pursuing the B1 or B2 or C1 or C2 French Language Course at Alliance Française de Bombay at the time of registering for the competition [ You can be registered in the Lower Only OR Higher Only OR Full Level Course of these levels to be eligible for registration ].

Note: In case you fulfill these criteria and are registered in another Alliance in the India network, please coordinate with them directly.

– The competition will be in the form of an online quiz which will be conducted via 2 FREE online platforms:

a) Zoom: The registered candidates will be sent a Zoom Meeting Link. On the designated date & time, they have to join the Zoom Meeting on a laptop/desktop wherein the quizmaster will conduct the quiz live. Participants are expected to join the quiz ON TIME – late entrants will NOT be allowed to enter the Zoom meeting & hence will automatically be disqualified.

b) Kahoot: While they are in the Zoom Meeting, participants have to respond to the questions in real time on their smartphone either via the website kahoot.it or via the Kahoot app [ the app can be downloaded via the Play Store for Android / App Store for Apple. Once downloaded, you can install the same by clicking on Next >> choosing Student & typing in your Age ].  The quizmaster will share the Kahoot Game PIN in the Zoom Meeting on the day of the competition.

– Hence, each participant will be on 2 devices simultaneously for the actual quiz – Zoom on your laptop/desktop & Kahoot on your smartphone. Do ensure that all your devices (laptop/desktop, smartphone, camera, headphones if needed etc.) are in working order well in advance of the competition.

– Please ensure that you use the same name throughout:

a) for Registration

b) as your Zoom Name on the screen

c) as your Kahoot Nickname on the day of the quiz

– Since participants will be on 2 digital platforms simultaneously, we request you to participate ONLY if you have a stable Internet connection & can enter the Zoom Meeting in a relatively calm environment without any background noise.

– Owing to the nature of the quiz, Alliance Française de Bombay cannot be held accountable for any technical errors on your end (slow Internet, Zoom/Kahoot crashing etc.). Any such issue will invariably result in your disqualification. Similarly, a candidate exiting the Zoom meeting for any reason while the quiz is being conducted will NOT be allowed in again & will be disqualified.

– There will be a limited time to answer each question. There is NO negative marking. Kahoot calculates your score based on the number of correct responses & how quickly you respond. Hence, try to answer each question even if you are not sure of the answer.

– Since the amount of time to answer the quiz questions is limited, we will NOT be able to help you in case you do not understand a question. It is assumed that each participant is sufficiently proficient in French to manage on their own.

– Candidates have to keep their cameras ON throughout the competition. Do ensure that your face is clearly visible.

– The Zoom Meeting will be recorded. Clips from this recording may be used by Alliance Française de Bombay as it deems fit (eg: for announcing the winners on social media etc.)

– The organizers cannot be held responsible if, in the event of force majeure or for any other  cause, the competition should be postponed, shortened, or canceled.

– The organizers also reserve the right to extend or limit the period of participation, to postpone it, or to modify the conditions.

– Additions and modifications to the current rules may possibly be published during the course of the competition (Aug to Nov 2021). They will be considered as annexes to the current regulations. 

– The organizers reserve the right to revoke the participation of any participant if their conduct is deemed inappropriate.

– The choice of winners will be final & binding. No negotiations on this front will be entertained.

– The prizes will ONLY be for the declared winners, they cannot be accorded to anyone else.


[ REGISTRATIONS FULL ] Registrations are strictly via this form which will remain active as long as there are seats left for the competition. Ideally, try to fill the form via a laptop/desktop. Any requests for registration via any other medium will NOT be considered.


Local Competition: There are NO prizes for the winners of the local competition.

National Competition: The players ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the National Round will be gifted a touch-screen tablet. Participants ranked from the 4th to the 15th positions will be offered a curated selection of books by our partner, the French Institute in India.

International Competition: The three best scores in the final leg of the competition i.e. the International Round will be offered a 15-day stay (séjour linguistique) at Alliance Française de Rouen-Normandie (France) with half-board accommodation included (breakfast and dinner). All costs not included in the prize will be the responsibility of the winners. The 3 International winners must inform the Alliance  Française de Rouen-Normandie of their dates of stay at least 4 months in advance. 


For any queries, please send an email to contact [email protected] – kindly note that we respond during working hours in the order in which we receive emails. Hence, it may take some time to respond to your query.

Event courtesy of the network of Alliances Françaises in India in partnership with the French Institute in IndiaTV5 Monde, Fondation des Alliances Françaises & Alliance Française de Rouen-Normandie