Indian Soldiers during World War I in Europe

Indian Soldiers during World War I in Europe

Opening evening of the commemoration of World War I

Exhibition : Indian Soldiers during World War I in Europe
Photo exhibition depicting life and involvement of Indian Soldiers during World War I. Along with the 57 exhibits, the German documentary film “The Halfmoon Files” will be part of the exhibition.

Lecture by Prof. Arvind Ganachari: The Great War Memory in British Imperial Design Reconsidered: Indian Realities”
Professor Aravind Ganachari, former Head of the History Department, University of Mumbai, has published research articles in national and international journals on a wide spectrum of themes based on the source material unearthed from Maharashtra State Archives.
In his lecture, Prof.Ganachari will talk about the changes in British India owing to the Great War and the notion of “nationality” underwent a significant change for the German and Austrian subjects resident in British India. He will also describe the recruitment practices of the administration for such massive enlistment of Indian soldiers in British Army.

Followed by the screening of Westfront 1918 by G.W. Pabst (88′)
Westfront 1918 is set mostly in the “Trench warfare” of the Western Front during World War I. Based on the German novel Vier von der Infanterie by Ernst Johannsen, and deals with the impact of the war on a group of infantrymen. With the rise of National Socialism, the film quickly became considered by the German authorities as unsuitable for the people, notably for its obvious pacifism, and for its clear denunciation of war.

In partnership with Institut Français in India, Consulate General of France in Bombay, French Embassy in India, Goethe Institute – Max Muller Bhavan, Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany.