La Belle personneIn partnership with Institut Français

Dreams of teens

Alliance Française de Bombay begins a new chapter in its Cinema program, by following several cycles along the year. The first cycle, Dreams of teens, talks about the first emotions and feelings of teenagers. After Les Beaux gosses and L’esquive, La Belle personne is the third movie of this cycle.

La Belle personne, by Christophe Honoré (90’)

Christophe Honoré updates Madame de Lafayette’s novel La Princesse de Clèves, one of the French Literature masterpieces, while placing the story in a contemporary setting. Junie, whose mother has just died, enters the same school as her cousin Mathias, at whose home she now lives. Quickly accepted by Mathias’ friends, the young girl captures the heart of Otto, a shy boy whom she likes in return. However, Nemours, their Italian teacher, also nurtures an insane passion for Junie… Including singing parts to his movie, the famous French director presents this great love story in a resolutely modern way.