Become a member of the Goncourt Committee 2021 of the Alliances Françaises in India!

What is Choix Goncourt de l’Inde ?

The Prix Goncourt is one of the most prestigious & coveted French Literary Prizes which has been awarded annually for more than a century!

In 2021-22, for the first time ever, a committee of Indian students currently studying French will choose a literary work which will be awarded the title of Choix Goncourt de l’Inde in partnership with the Académie Goncourt, the network of Alliances Françaises in India, and the French Institute in India. This Indian Selection Committee will consist of current students from Alliances Françaises in India & the French Departments of Indian Universities.

The network of Alliances Françaises in India is looking for 3 to 5 people who will represent AFs in the Goncourt Committee 2021 in India!

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply, the candidate must fulfill all of the following conditions :

  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of sending the application
  • Be a current student registered in a French language course OR French language workshop of any Alliance Française in India at the time of sending the application
  • Should have at least completed the full B2 Course at the time of sending the application
  • Be passionate about Literature and commit to reading the entirety of the 4 shortlisted novels in French between November 2021 & January 2022.

Note: The Staff & Personnel of the Alliances Françaises in India are not eligible to apply for the Goncourt Committee 2021.

Important Dates

  • May 24 to June 16 – Call for Applications
  • June 15 – Announcement of Candidates selected to become part of the Goncourt Committee of the Alliances Françaises in India
  • End of October 2021 – Announcement of the French Novels in competition
  • November 2021 to January 2022 – Under the supervision of a professor, reading the entirety of all the 4 French novels in competition and deliberations with the Goncourt Committee of the Alliances Françaises in India
  • 1st Week of February 2022 – National-level deliberations: One representative from the Goncourt Committee of the Alliances Françaises in India will go to Delhi to participate in the final selection along with the overall Goncourt India Committee

The declaration of the winning book will take place at the New Delhi Book Fair where France will be the Guest-of-Honour

Note: Certain modalities are subject to change as per the restrictions imposed by the ongoing pandemic

How to apply ?

Before midnight (IST) on June 16, 2021, fill this form (in French) & send a letter (in French) to [email protected]

Useful guidelines about writing the letter

We are looking for people who are passionate about Literature, who are ready to take on the challenge of reading hundreds of pages in French in a very short period of time, and who love to debate & defend their point of view. Write to us & tell us why you would like to be part of this adventure! The letter can be in any format but should not exceed two pages.

A few pointers

  • Tell us about you
  • What are your motivations for becoming a member of the Goncourt Committee of the Alliances Françaises in India? What are your expectations from the same?
  • What are your literary tastes (for example, the last book you read in French, your favourite francophone author etc.)

A jury of representatives from different Alliances Françaises in India (Professors, Librarians, Directors etc.) will select the best-written & most convincing letters. The diversity of the works that you have read, your capacity to describe your literary tastes, and your proficiency in French will help us make the cut!