Buyer-Sellers Meet: Creative and Cultural Industries with Business France

Producing over 1,000 films annually in more than 20 languages, the Indian film industry is already the world’s largest. The country Pay-TV network is the second largest in the world. India is also growing strong at video games and music radio.

France has solid expertise in these fields. Seizing the opportunity presented by India’s fast-growing creative and cultural industries, the French Trade & Investment Commission – Business France in India is organising the first edition of the The Buyer-Seller’s Meet for Creative and Cultural Industries.

In this four-day immersive programme, French companies providing technology, products or solutions to creative and cultural industries will explore how to develop their business in India. Cinema, Video Games, Radio, Television, Music, VOD/OTT, VR, AR, 3D, Content Distribution, Events, Theme Parks and Museums are among the targeted sectors.

Customised meetings at the event will also provide companies the opportunity to network with senior decision makers, including potential clients, partners, distributors and agents.

For more information please visit the official website of Bonjour India.

Created by Business France India and in partnership with BPI FRANCE and LE GAMME