Two French rock bands, Colt Silvers and Last Train, will share the stage with the homegrown rock band Spud in the Box. Dive into their universe of indie music mixed with rock and electro rhythms!



Formed in 2007, Last Train is a French rock band consisting of vocalist Jean-Noel Scherrer, guitarist Julien Peultier, Drummer Antoine Baschung and bass player Timothee Gerard. Last Train is a trip, a mesmerizing rock track, a journey through a tormented yet mastered universe. Their reputation cant be bought and follows them tour after tour, night after night. Though they’re only in their mid-twenties, Jean-Noel, Julien, Tim and Antoine have been playing together for over 10 years. This true-blue rock band from the east of France has a mature, blues-filled sound, and an electric enegery on stage.


Colt Silvers is a French indie band consisting of singer Tristan Lepagney, bass player Nicolas Lietaert, guitarist Florian Kanny and drummer Julien Hohl. Formed in 2008, Colt Silvers’ universe is inspired by pop culture and has a strong cinematographic feeling. Colt Silvers offers a cocktail well shaken of rock energy and electro rhythms. Expect some high energy live performances by the band.

For further information about the performance in Mumbai, please visit the Facebook event created by antiSOCIAL. For information about the bands’ performances in other Indian cities, please visit the official website of Bonjour India

Created by Mixtape and in partnership with Institut Français