MEZCAL JAZZ UNIT was founded in 1986 in Montpellier and is led by the bass player and composer, Emmanuel de Gouvello. This band’s music is defined by the Mediterranean temperament of its musicians, the reminiscences of traditional melodies, an unabashed attraction for the Orient, a rock like energy and a sense of humor.
Creative jazz projects were born from Mezcal’s travels and encounter with talented musicians from all over the world. One such meeting with India’s renowned table maestro Bickram Ghosh in 2008, led to a fresh fusion of sounds captured in the album, “One” released on Saregama label.
Celebrating a decade of musical partnership, Mezcal returns to meet Bickram Ghosh again in 2018. And who knows, maybe we will be lucky to have another album in our hands!

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For more information about the performance in Mumbai, please visit the Facebook event created by G5A. For information about the group’s performances in other Indian cities, please visit the official website of Bonjour India.

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