HEAVEN & EARTH : Aruna Sairam & Dominique Vellard

Heaven and Earth brings India and France together through an Inspiring encounter between traditional and vocal music. Padma Shri Awardee Aruna Sairam, India’s most famous singer of Classical Carnatic music, shares the stage with Dominique Vellard, expert in Gregorian chanting and director of Gilles Binchois ensemble.

Heaven and Earth explores the ancient poetic sources of both cultures by delving into the tradition of Tirukkural and French medieval poetry and maxims. In the seven words of each Kural (poem or proverb), are embedded very simple, yet profound life principles. By juxtaposing this tradition of wisdom with French poetry and maxims, the project creates a dialogue in which Kurals and other poetic forms are recited and set to music, interspersed with musical interludes.

Limited free passes for members of AF Bombay – please contact [email protected] on this front. For the general public, tickets can be purchased at the Prithvi Box Office or via BookMyShow.

For more information, please visit the official website of Bonjour India and Prithvi Theatre.

Created with Alliance Française of Madras and in partnership with Prithvi Theatre and Novotel