In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and Institut Français en Inde

Les Contes de la nuit (Part 2), by Michel Ocelot
Le garçon qui ne savait pas mentir
Le garçon tam-tam
La fille-biche et le fils de l’architecte

Every night, a young girl, a boy and an old technician meet in a small theatre, which seems abandoned but is actually full of wonders. The three friends create, learn, draw, dress themselves up to play characters. And they play all along the magical night – witches and fairies, powerful kings and horsemen, werewolves and pretty damsels, cathedrals and huts, golden cities and dense forests, harmonic songs of choirs and spells of tam tams and the triumph of innocence over cruelty…

Sakshi Gallery will also be hosting Rekha Rodwittiya’s Matters of the Heart.