indexOh Willy,  Emma de Swaef and Marc James Roels (17’)
Forced to return to his naturist roots, Willy bungles his way into noble savagery

Edmond était un âne, by Franck Dion (15’)

Edmond is not like everybody else. A small, quiet man, Edmond has a wife who loves him and a job that he does extraordinarily well. He is, however, very aware that he is different. When his co-workers tease him by crowning him with a pair of donkey ears, he suddenly discovers his true nature. And though he comes to enjoy his new identity, an ever-widening chasm opens up between himself and others.

Le silence sous l’écorce,  by Joanna Lurie (11’)
Silence beneath the bark , follows two odd wee creatures in a snowbound forest. It’s totally wordless and utterly charming

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