City: Bombay
Location: Alliance Française Auditorium
Date: Fri, 2010/03/19 – 6:30pm
Category: Film screening

The other side of adulthood- childhood!

In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive

Kala Khatta by Advait Chandan

A bald man’s wallet has been stolen,or has it?

Kala Khatta is the story of a man and a boy – a bald man and a bold boy –an angry man and a hungry boy. Set on Girgaon Chowpatty – one of the most popular places in Mumbai, Kala Khatta is about wanting and getting, Hiding and seeking, forgiving and forgetting.

I wonder… by Anupaman Srinivasan

The film is a journey with children from rural parts of Rajasthan, Sikkim and Tamil Nadu as they traverse through school, home and life. What does school mean to children? What kinds of learning take place within the school and outside it? If we observed and listened carefully, could the children—their shyness, their frankness, and their matter-of-fact approach to life—guide us? It invites all to ponder on what education is, what it could be… and what it need not be.