City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Tue, 2013/05/28 – 6:30pm


Documentary  Ramin


















In partnership with The Root Reel and IDF

Ramin, by Audrius Stonys (58’)

Ramin is a Georgian veteran wrestler. He lives alone in the town of Kvareli in north-eastern with for only companions his cat and the memories of his dearly loved mother and of his splendid victories in the wrestling arena.

But there is something missing in the old wrestler’s life. Perhaps Ramin, the man with an unbeatable heart, was too much of a winner to let himself be won by anyone, not even by a woman’s love. Today he is beginning to feel otherwise. There was a girl he fell in love with 50 years ago… Her name was Sveta, and she lived in the village of Kvenatkotsa. Ramin gets on the train and goes to seek out his long lost love.

Followed by discussion by film maker Tangella Madhavi.