City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Tue, 2013/07/16 – 6:30pm
Category: Film screening


In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive

Two films about home and belonging


A dream called America, by Anoop Sathyan (24’)

Shahbaz is a 15 year old boy from Gujarat, India. He is the third among five children and his father Aftab makes a living repairing cycles on a footpath. Shahbaz won a scholarship to study in the US for a year, where he was hosted by an American couple. During this year away, he experienced a very comfortable and carefree life compared to his home, and it has changed his entire attitude. After returning to India, he badly wants to go back and settle in the US, leaving his parents in a dilemma.


In pursuit of answers, by Pritam Das (52’)

The filmmaker is a young man from a small town in West Bengal, working as a sound designer in the Bombay film industry. While he struggles professionally, his mother back home is struck by a mysterious ailment that doctors are unable to diagnose. He has to cope with his own emotional turmoil while negotiating the complicated workings of various hospitals and specialists. In Bombay meanwhile, life is turning positive as he wins a series of awards and acclaim for his work. His earnings start to go up, but so do the demands of his mother’s illness.


Documentary  A dream called America & In pursuit of answers