Documentaries with Vikalp

City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Fri, 2012/06/15 – 7:00pm

In partnership with Vikalp Fim Archive

Have you Dreamt Cinema?, by Hansa Thapliyal (15’)

Cinema appears and disappears, sometimes flickering distantly in the landscape and sometimes in the lives of the three women who live along Film City Road. The film follows their relationship with the idea of recreation in the city, the desire to be mobile and to have an extra sheen of pleasure in their lives. It traces the place that cinema has as a pleasure house in the lives of the three protagonists as well as what it displaces in its marginal but evocative presence.


The Saroj Khan Story, by Nidhi Tuli (57’)

‘The Saroj Khan Story’ began as a search for the genius behind one of the greatest choreographers that the Hindi film industry has ever produced, what remains is a deeply personal story of determination, passion, extraordinary skill and the sheer will to survive that is both intimate and inspiring.


Priyapetta Kim/Dear Kim, by Binu Kumar (31’)

Ajimon, Santhosh and Jomon are three friends who live in the remote hilly village of Kerala. Though they contend with harsh conditions to earn a living, they’re obsessed with cinema. However, they know that they will probably never reach that fantasy world.

But one day, they hear about a film festival that is being held at a city some distance from their village that will featuring the films of Kim Ki Duk. They try desperately to reach the venue, but they’re unsuccessful. The three come to the realisation that the world of movies is something they will never be part of. Are movies only meant for those in the cities? Will films make it to them in the villages someday?