Concert - FLY! - Laurent de Wilde, Otisto 23 & Nico Ticot

City: Mumbai
Location: Blue Frog, Lower Parel
Date: Wed, 2012/10/10 – 10:00pm


In partnership with blueFROG, Novotel, Institut Français, Spedidam


FLY ! / Laurent de Wilde, Otisto 23 & Nico Ticot


FLY ! What happens when you astutely mix acoustic, electronic and video? You get FLY – a ‘delicious’ and a ‘heady’ mix of jazz and experimental sounds! Laurent de Wilde, the most electro among the French jazz pianists and Otisto 23, sound Engineer, a master chef in improvisation are accompanied on stage by Nico Ticot, a virtuoso videographer and a founder member of XLR project. The image that the latter creates in real time literally encompasses the musicians on stage and is totally in sync with this intuitive and organic genre of music. With an enjoyable combination of distortion and reconstruction of piano sounds, Laurent de Wilde and Otisto 23 dive adlong into a conversation that intensifies into a ball of pure sound or fines tunes to such an extent that it transforms into the infinitesimal and the undecipherable.


This event is supported by Full Rhizome, DTC, Gazebo, XLR Project, Spedidam, MFA, SCPP, CNV and FCM.