City: Mumbai
Location: NCPA
Date: Thu, 2013/11/21 – 7:00pm  Sun, 2013/11/24 – 9:00pm
Category: Concert


In partnership with NCPA, Poona Music Society and BNP Paribas

Arties Festival (Chamber Music)

Pierre Fouchenneret & Sullimann Altmayer (violin), Marc Desmons (viola), Gauthier Herrmann (cello) & Romain Descharmes (piano)

They spread western classical music in an original way. They wish to work in countries that are the future actors of the world economy and culture in all their facets and audiences, from slums to business centres, from local rural schools to prestigious concert halls. Each journey confirms that classical music is universal and loved by everybody. Their concerts are awaited and their expertise in terms of music and organization of cultural events builds bridges between financing partners and many local initiatives.

Thursday 21st, 7 pm, Experimental Theatre

Fauré : Piano trio opus 120

Beethoven : Piano and Violin Sonata No. 6

Beethoven : String quartet opus 74


Sunday 23rd, 7 pm, Tata Theatre

Beethoven : Piano and Violin Sonata No. 5 (Spring sonata)

Mozart : Piano quartet K.493

Beethoven : String quartet opus 135


Monday 24th, 7 pm, Experimental Theatre 

Schumann : Piano quartet opus 47

Brahms : Piano quartet No. 2 opus 26
Concert  Arties Festival