City: Mumbai
Location: NCPA, Experimental Theatre
Date: Tue, 2013/03/26 – 7:00pm


In partnership with the Embassy of France in India, Institut Français, ICCR, NCPA and Trident

Amarillis Ensemble

Here’s an invitation to a voyage to the court of Versailles. The mythical stories of the Queen Didon and Orpheus are retold by the musical ensemble Amarillis, currently one of the most original baroque orchestras in Europe. The study of emotion is at the heart of baroque art and this piece enables one rediscover the dramatic power of contrasts – the inseparable duo of light and darkness conceived like a sort of a tragedy – as Philippe Beaussant puts it.


This concert will be the concluding event in Mumbai of Bonjour India 2013.

Concert Amarillis Ensemble