Cinéma - 4 Documentary Films

City: Mumbai
Location: Alliance Française auditorium
Date: Fri, 2012/09/14 – 7:00pm


In partnership with Vikalp Film Archive


In shadows and silence, by Rajyashree Ramamurthi and Desmond Roberts (5’)

Nehru Place, infamous as the market for pirated software and computer parts. Grey concrete high rises dominate. The population pulses through the day and trickles away at night. Deathly silence remains inspired by the contrasts that sit side by side.


Dudro, by Parimal Phadke & Dhanya Pilo (5:20’)

We meander through the chaotic landscape of a large cycle rickshaw yard in Nizamuddin East to experience the various narratives that are incubating in it. The winter light juxtaposed through the complex stacking of the red & blue cycle rickshaws highlights the individual frame of these vehicles calling out to the dancer for a jugalbandi.


Breakin’ Mumbai, by A. Kohli, S.Kr. Singh, S. Ghosh, G. Khan Siam and S. Singh (33’)

Gani, a 21-year old, has done many things for a living : bagmaking, embroidery work and working at a call centre.18-year old Aman studies in school. He sketches and plays cricket. The two have very little in common, but there is one thing that binds them- Breaking, a dance form that started back in the 70s in the Bronx.


Bharatmata Ki Jai, by A. Khanolkar, A. Ranjan, A. Mazumdar, A. Chakraborthy and S. Radhakrishnan (28’)

At the heart of Mumbai’s mill country, Lalbaug-Parel, stands Bharatmata Cinema, one of the remaining single screen theatres that plays only Marathi films. Through the narratives of KapilBhopatkar, the owner, and Baban, one of the oldest employees of the theatre, the film explores the history and development of Bharatmata as a space for articulating the cultural identity of Mumbai’s working class and ponders on its existence and survival.