City: Mumbai
Location: Liberty Cinema
Date: Thu, 2012/12/06 – 7:00pm


In partnership with Liberty Cinema and Furtado’s, on a restored copy by la Cinémathèque Française

Cagliostro, by Richard Oswald (58′)

What is a ciné-concert? This concept comes from the very beginning of the cinema, when all films were silent, and so accompanied by the live execution of music, generally especially composed or improvised for the movie. Long lost tradition, the concept of ciné-concert got a new birth in France from 1976, making people rediscover the magic and the depth of silent films.
We invite you to enjoy a recently restored movie by Richard Oswald, Cagliostro, narrating the adventures and swindlings of a famous 18th century crook, and his journeys through Europe.
The film will be accompanied by Mathieu Regnault, a French pianist and composer specializing in film music, which will make you feel this special alchemy between cinema and music.