City: Bombay
Location: Alliance francaise, auditorium
Date: Wed, 2010/05/26 – 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Price: Free for entrance for members only.
Category: Film screening

Boxes, by Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin is one of France’s most famous figures. Married to a French singer late Serges Gainsbourg and mother of actress Charlotte Gainsbourg(My wife is an actress, Antichrist), she is an actress (La piscine by Jacques Deray in 1969), a model, a singer. For the first time, she passes behind the camera to direct a sensitive movie about family relations.

Anna, a woman in her fifties, has just moved into a new seaside house in Brittany. The place is still cluttered with boxes out of which ghosts appear that start tormenting her. Anna has lived many lives:she has been married three times and has three daughters from three different men. Quite logically life has not been easy for Anna and for her offspring, Fanny, Camille and Lilli. All those who counted for her, dead or undead, have moved with her into her new house and assail her with reproaches, regrets and accusations. Will Anna manage to escape them and be able to start a new entrance?