Art Thursdays 1

City: Mumbai
Location: Sakshi Gallery Tanna House
Date: Thu, 2012/08/09 – 6:30pm

In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and the French Embassy in India

On the occasion of Art Thursdays, the Alliance Française de Bombay will screen Elles, a series of French short films, in partnership with Sakshi Gallery.

Gratte-papier, by Guillaume Martinez
A day like any other in the Parisian metro – or maybe not? A young man sits quietly reading his book. A young woman is seated next to him. They have nothing in common, nor do they know each other in the slightest. In spite of this, something quiet unexpected occurs between them. In full view of all the other passengers. And yet, none of the other travellers seem to notice.

La conductrice, by Carl Lionnet
A young woman tells us about her job as a driver, so little known…

Jeanne à petits pas. by Négar Djavadi
Jeanne, in her sixties, stands abandoned by the roadside with her suitcase. As she has no place to go, she wanders through countryside that holidaymakers are leaving behind until she arrives at a deserted camping ground.

La pelote de laine, by Fatma Zohra
In the early 1970’, Mohamed brings over Fatiha and their two children to live with him in a French suburb. Mohamed continues to work and keeps to his routine closing the door with his key. His wife and two children find themselves prisoners in their own house. Fatiha invents original ways to communicate with the outside world.

Le bon numéro, by Aurélie Charbonnier
A young lonely woman is looking for her soul match in a public garden. Her mobile in her hand she receives a strange text.

Marcel !, by Jean Achache
While looking at Marcel Duchamp’s ready-mades at the George Pompidou Center in Paris, Zack and Seb realize that the bottle holder gathering dust in their parents’ cellar is a spitting image of a piece by the great artist. They then try to sell the object to a gallery, learning a lesson about art and stirring up a bit of a ruckus in the process.