Candidates who had registered for the DELF-DALF Exams in March 2020 are hereby informed that we will be processing the refunds of the same via BANK TRANSFER.

Please go through ALL of the following details:

a) It is COMPULSORY for ALL candidates who had paid for the March 2020 DELF-DALF Exams to take a refund. This amount CANNOT be left with Alliance Française de Bombay under ANY circumstances to pay for another exam/course etc. (eg: This amount CANNOT be used to transfer a candidate’s registration from the March 2020 Session of DELF-DALF to the Dec 2020 or any other upcoming sessions of the exam). NO NEGOTIATION ON THIS FRONT WILL BE ENTERTAINED.

b) For initiating the Bank Transfer of the refund, please provide ALL of the information requested in the Google Form below BEFORE October 31, 2020. Alliance Française de Bombay can only initiate the transfer AFTER we have received ALL the details requested in this form. Please cross-check your answers BEFORE sending them to ensure that none of the requested info is missing.

c) Kindly ensure that ALL the requested information (including spellings, bank account details etc.) is correct. In case of transaction failure due to incorrect bank details or ANY other issue from the candidate’s end, the transfer will get postponed to the next refund cycle.

d) In case the candidate provides incorrect bank details and consequently the refund is sent to an incorrect bank account, the refund amount will be considered as forfeited. Such a scenario will be treated as an ERROR on the part of the candidate – Alliance Française de Bombay CANNOT be held responsible for the same under any circumstances. The amount will be considered consumed and will NOT be refunded again/transferred to another session.

e) Alliance Française de Bombay will be refunding the examination fees FROM NOVEMBER 3, 2020 ONWARDS. Since we are only allowed a fixed number of transactions per week and given the fact that there are hundreds of candidates who had registered for the March 2020 session, we will be processing refunds on a buffered basis. Hence, it can take A FEW WEEKS for the amount to reach your account.

f) It is MANDATORY to send Alliance Française de Bombay an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT MAIL as soon as the refund amount is credited to your bank account. This ACKNOWLEDGEMENT MAIL can be sent to ANY ONE of the following email addresses:
[email protected] OR
[email protected] OR
[email protected]

Please fill this form BEFORE Oct 31, 2020 for initiating the Refund Procedure!

Please note that all our offices are closed at the moment and communication is via E-MAIL ONLY. We respond during working hours ( Mon to Fri – 9:30 am to 6 pm | Saturday – 10 am to 5 pm | Lunch Break – 1 pm to 2 pm ) in the order in which we receive emails. Please allow us AT LEAST ONE WORKING DAY to respond to your queries.