French Workshop – Reading & Creative Writing

Every trimester, Alliance Française of Bombay offers a variety of workshops to help you improve your proficiency in French! Our workshops allow you to apply the linguistic skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking, etc.) that you have learnt in our French courses to official examinations and real-life situations!


A workshop which reinforces your reading and writing skills in French! This workshop is designed to engage students in creative activities like writing and reading poems; literary comparisons between French and Indian fables, participating in debates/ discussions on articles shared during the workshop, role plays, etc which will help them in the written, oral and comprehension sections of official French exams!

Duration: Approximately 20 hours

Eligibility: Completion of A2 Higher i.e. A2.2

Note: In case a student has taken a gap of MORE than 6 months from the completion of their last course, it is mandatory to appear for a Placement Test BEFORE registering for the workshop. The procedure & payment details of the Placement Test are available on this link

Register for the Workshop under the CHURCHGATE Section on this link

For any queries regarding the workshop, please send an email to [email protected]

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