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Do you want to test your language level before you sign up to a course, take training, sit an exam or apply for a job? [email protected] is the test which meets your needs!

Personalised Online Assessment Test by CIEP Paris

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[email protected] is an online placement test for the evaluation of language skills of candidates in search of the best suitable language course or language certification. [email protected] is perfectly adapted to the world of work for recruiting or boosting a career.

This online assessment test is to gauge your current level in the language, based on the following FOUR modules:

  • Production orale (Oral Interview)
  • Compréhension Écrite (Reading Test)
  • Compréhension Orale (Listening Test)
  • Grammaire/Lexique (Grammar/Vocabulary Test)

Anybody who wishes to assess their current level of proficiency in French can choose to take this Placement Test. There is no obligation to enroll for a course after taking the Test.

However, taking a placement test is mandatory for any student who wishes to enrol with Alliance Française de Bombay for any level other than the Beginner 1 Level (A1.1) and is unable to produce an authorized certificate (AF Network Certificate, DELFDALF Diploma, TCF Certificate and TEF Certificate) not older than 6 months.

[email protected] has been developed by the Centre International d’Études Pédagogiques (CIEP), a public institution from the French Ministry of National Education and leader in foreign language certification and evaluation for over 30 years (DILF, DELF, DALF, TCF). It is a member of ALTE, the Association of language testers in Europe.


  • After purchasing the Online Placement Test, please mail ONE of the following centers of your choice for booking your Oral Interview:
  1. Churchgate Centre : [email protected]
  2. Santacruz Centre    : [email protected]
  3. Vashi Centre            : [email protected]
  • Following this mail, our Front Desk Team shall get back to you within 24 working hours with a mail mentioning the date and time of your Oral Interview.
  • Within 24 working hours after your Oral Interview, we will send you the Link and your Access Code required to take the remaining 3 modules of the test.
  • After attempting all the four modules, you shall immediately receive the results of the test.
  • According to your results, AF Bombay will then assign you a suitable course which will be conveyed to you via email.
  • If you wish to, you can register for the said course within 3 months (in the Ongoing Session/Upcoming Session). Failing to which the results of the Test will NOT be valid and you will have to take a new Placement Test.
The online level test is just an assessment tool, whose results are utilized internally in the AF Network. It is not a substitute for DELF DALF diplomas or TEF TCF certificates and thus cannot be furnished as a proof of your level in French for any official purposes.

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*Common European Framework of Reference for Languages