Documentary : Nirnay (Decision) and Dream girls

Nirnay (Decision), by Pushpa Rawat (56’) The film is Pushpa’s personal journey as she tries to make sense of her own life, and that of her women friends. Set in a lower middle class neighbourhood in the outskirts of Delhi, it explores the lives of women, who are young, educated and bright, but who feel bound and helpless when it comes to taking any major decision regarding their life, be it career or marriage. By following the lives of the ... Read More »

Francophonie : Creative writing workshops – Dis moi dix mots… à la folie

Creative writing workshops Let’s play together! On the occasion of the Francophonie month and the operation “Dis moi dix mots…à la folie”, Alliance Française de Bombay organizes two batches of creative writing workshops for its students only. The 10 words of this year are: “ambiancer, à tire-larigot, enlivrer (s’), charivari, faribole, hurluberlu, ouf, timbré, tohu-bohu, zig-zag”  In partnership with French Ministry of Culture and Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie Read More »

Cinema @ Prithvi : Le Chat du Rabbin

From literature to film @ Prithvi Le Chat du Rabbin, by Joann Sfar (100’) Based on the best-selling graphic novel by Joann Sfar, Le Chat du Rabbin tells the story of a rabbi and his talking cat – a sharp-tongued feline philosopher brimming with scathing humor and a less than pure love for the rabbi’s daughter. Rich with the colours, textures, flavours and music of Mediterranean Africa, the film embarks on a cross continent adventure… In partnership with Prithvi Theatre ... Read More »

Concert : Arties Festival

Arties Festival (Western Classical Music) They spread western classical music in an original way. They wish to work in countries that are the future actors of the world economy and culture in all their facets and audiences, from slums to business centres, from local rural schools to prestigious concert halls. Each journey confirms that classical music is universal and loved by everybody. F. Schubert : Notturno M. Ravel : Piano trio F. Mendelssohn : String quartet op 13 In partnership with ... Read More »

Art Thursday

On the occasion of Art Thursday, Alliance Française de Bombay and Sakshi Gallery will present two short movies on young people and urbanism. Babel, by Hendrick Dusollier (15′) Oasis boulevard, by Jérôme Sitruk (34′) In partnership with Sakshi Gallery and Institut Français Read More »

Francophonie – Literature : Ru, by Kim Thuy – Tales of a woman

Ru, by Kim Thuy Canadian author Kim Thúy was born in Saigon and arrived in Quebec at age ten in 1978, with the first wave of boat people from Vietnam. She has worked as a seamtress, an interpreter, a lawyer and a restaurant chef-owner before devoting herself to writing. She will present her first novel, Ru, in conversation with Prof. Vidya Vencatesan, Head of the French Studies department at the University of Mumbai. Ru was shortlisted for various literary awards and ... Read More »

Cinema : Camille redouble

Camille redouble, Noémie Lvovsky (115’) Camille was sixteen when she met Eric and fell in love with him. 25 years later, Eric leaves her for a younger woman. It’s New Year’s Eve and Camille, who tried to drown her sorrows in alcohol, is suddenly propelled back to her past. She is 16 again and finds her parents, her friends, her teenage … and Eric. In partnership with Institut Français Read More »

Francophonie – Film screening : Nadia’s Journey – The complex reality of arranged marriages

Nadia’s Journey – The complex reality of arranged marriages The Algerian and Canadian journalist Nadia Zouaoui will present a documentary based on her own life: she was forced by her parents into an arranged marriage with an Algerian living in Montreal when she was 19 years old. After 18 years away, Nadia goes back to Kabylia, Algeria, to see if things have changed in her native land. There, she travels behind the tourist facade and into the complex reality of women ... Read More »

Cinema : Dans la vie

Dans la vie, by Philippe Faucon (75’) Esther, an elderly Jewish woman, needs permanent assistance. But she uses her carers, because of her bad temper : the latest has just resigned and her son Elijah does not know what to do. Selima, the day nurse, suggests hiring her mother, Halima, a practicing Muslim. Against all odds, a real bond develops between the two women… In partnership with Institut Français in India    Read More »

Cinema : Oba Nathuwa Oba Ekka (With You, Without You)

In partnership with The Root Reel and Dharamshala International Film Festival Oba Nathuwa Oba Ekka (With You, Without You), by Prasanna Vithanage (90’) Based on a novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, acclaimed Sri Lankan director Prasanna Vithanage returns with arguably his best work so far. Akin to The English Patient, it is set in the months after war and deftly explores the emotional fall-out of such trauma on the lives of ordinary people. Selvi is a beautiful but quiet Tamil refugee (powerfully ... Read More »